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What the New Blue Zone Netflix Documentary Doesn't Tell You

by Christal Burnette 03 Apr 2024 0 Comments

Have you watched the new Netflix documentary 'Live to 100'? Pretty much everyone has. I get visited by people from all over the world (because I am a member of the Okinawa Research Center for Longevity Science) here in Okinawa who want to learn about ikigai, longevity food, and anything related to the mysteries of Okinawan health.
All of those people always ask me 'Have you seen the new Netflix documentary?!' and I respond that...of course, I have.


I am not entirely happy about it.
Do I secretly wish I was in it? A little.
I am a small fish and could only dream of being on Netflix and making an impact on the world.
However, I find some aspects of how the blue zones were portrayed a little...iffy.
My being in it would cause a moral conflict in my heart.
Today, I am going to explain one. Remember, I am an Okinawan longevity expert so my analysis is only for the first episode about Okinawa.
What's the One Food People Should Try?
If they want to live longer?
Do you remember when that question was asked to Chef Miyaguni in the red kitchen?
She replies
''There is no one ingredient that is best.''
I know her personally. She doesn't like this gimmick.
Hey, listen, I get it. When trying to teach the masses, we want to keep it simple and sometimes it is just focusing on 'one thing'. The Liver King focuses on just liver. Paul Saladino promotes the carnivore diet. Freelee the Banana Girl emphasizes well...bananas.
You can't do that with longevity. There is no one thing. Everything is necessary to work in harmony.
The same goes for the food aspect.
You cannot just eat one good food and then keep eating fast food, fried food, or heaps of the same type of food every day.
Chef Miyaguni wants you to eat a variety of foods that contain all different types of vitamins and minerals and benefits for the body. This includes veggies and fruit and meat AND carbs.
Watch this 50-second video here of me explaining exactly how the documentary portrays this and how they slyly edited the footage.
*Note: Now, if you are having difficulty with multiple lifestyle changes and are going to change just one aspect of your diet, I highly recommend adding purple sweet potatoes to your diet. They are incredibly healthy for you.
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